Are YOU Ready to Enter the Ableton Dimension?


What’s up everyone, like I mentioned in the previous video ( I am branching out into ableton Live tutorials soon and all of your feedback has inspired me to create an actual path from ableton novice to ableton ninja. I am currently in the process of finishing up the course for all of you who really want to learn how to use ableton LIVE 10 but for whatever reason are finding it hard to get over the initial learning curve. And you can help me not miss out on something that is important to YOU by letting me know the one thing (or more) that you would love to see in this course. If you are really ready to commit and take the deep dive, this is your opportunity to let me know what you need in order for me to make it work for you… Leave me a comment below asap so you don’t miss out – will be in touch soon, eshan aka PUSH4life