Make Music With Ease on Ableton Push 2

Stage One: Composition
An Introduction to the main processes and workflows necessary for basic composition using the ableton PUSH 2

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Eshan Khadaroo is a British musician based in Germany. He has performed with Grammy award winning artists such as Cirque Du Soleil, Blue Man Group, Imogen Heap, and many more. After he purchased an ableton PUSH 2 in Dec 2015, he saw the future and never looked back. He is the creator of one of the most popular ableton PUSH 2 tutorials currently on youtube.

  • Learn Important Processes

    Ableton Live and PUSH 2 are both very complex pieces of technology and it is important to understand how various processes work in order to use it as intended.

  • Learn Different Workflows

    Once you understand the various processes involved in composing, you learn various ways of stringing these processes together into different workflows. The understanding you gain from this will help you develop your own workflows.

  • Get All Course Materials

    All of the content is available for both streaming and download. Ableton project files of the final compositions made throughout the course will also be available for download.

  • Learn How To Create Drum Parts

    At first we take a look at drum racks and how they work. From there we look at various ways how to create drum parts including fingerdrumming live and step-sequencing.

  • Learn How To Create Melodic And Harmonic Parts

    Throughout this section we look at how to use the 8×8 matrix of buttons that is a highlight of the PUSH 2. We look at how to use the scales to come up with both melodies and harmonys.

  • Learn How To Arrange Ideas And Create Basic Mix

    Finally we take the different parts that we have created and arrange our ideas into a track. Once that is done we look at how we can create a basic mix to finalize the track.

Amazing Value

Not only have 100's of hours of intense practice and experience been condensed into 6+ hours of tutorials. The production of this course took 12 weeks of solid work as documented on PUSH4lifes instagram.
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Focus Only On ESSENTIAL Processes and Workflows

Ableton Live and PUSH 2 can be overwhelming if you are new to them. This course only focuses on the essential processes and workflows necessary in order to compose your own music.

Decades of Experience in Distilled Form

Time is our most precious asset these days, so every exercise has been distilled to its most essential form in order to get across the necessary principles. Nothing more and nothing less.

Simple and Straight to the Point

This course does not assume any foreknowledge of the PUSH 2. Every step is explained in order for you to understand everything that is going on.

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