Creative ruts are terrible to be in.
Things don’t flow the way they should anymore…
…and when creativity strikes, we grasp at it with all our might, because we are hoping to have something to show for it in the end.

And that is precisely the problem. We grasp so tightly that the flow we are so desperately seeking immediately disappears again… just like a dream upon awakening.

It doesn’t matter what type of Creator YOU are:
An author, designer, actor or musician like myself.
As a whole, we are all driven to expressing ourselves
…and letting the Creative Source use us as its instrument.

But in order for this to work we have to have a clear line of communication with this Source.
And it has to be able to flow through us freely.

Sometimes though, these channels of communication can become clogged up for a number of reasons, STRESS and FEAR being major players in this field.

In todays video I am going to show you an ancient tradition that has helped me not only regain my creative flow, but also made me BETTER at what I do in the process…

0:00 Not being as creative as you want to be….?
0:44 Creative Ruts
2:08 Re-discovering Ancient Tibetan Tradition
3:12 Creating With Intention to DELETE
5:04 How you Can Get In Touch With YOUR Creativity
6:29 One Last Thing

Aashish R Gautam – https://unsplash.com/@kyahaibe

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