NEW SERIES RELEASED: Make Music With Ease on Ableton PUSH 2 – Stage One: COMPOSITION

NEW “Make Music With Ease on Ableton PUSH 2” series. AVAILABLE NOW!
SIGN UP NOW: Learn Important Processes
Ableton Live and PUSH 2 are both very complex pieces of technology and it is important to understand how various processes work in order to use it as intended.Learn Different Workflows
Once you understand the various processes involved in composing, you learn various ways of stringing these processes together into different workflows. The understanding you gain from this will help you develop your own workflows.Get All Course Materials
All of the content is available for both streaming and download. Ableton project files of the final compositions made throughout the course will also be available for download.

Learn How To Create Drum Parts
At first we take a look at drum racks and how they work. From there we look at various ways how to create drum parts including fingerdrumming live and step-sequencing.

Learn How To Create Melodic And Harmonic Parts
Throughout this section we look at how to use the 8×8 matrix of buttons that is a highlight of the PUSH 2. We look at how to use the scales to come up with both melodies and harmonys.

Learn How To Arrange Ideas And Create Basic Mix
Finally we take the different parts that we have created and arrange our ideas into a track. Once that is done we look at how we can create a basic mix to finalize the track.

Amazing Value
Not only have 100’s of hours of intense practice and experience been condensed into 6+ hours of tutorials. The production of this course took 12 weeks of solid work as documented on my instagram –